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What’s My Next Challenge? – Hector Rodriguez

What's My Next Challenge? Hector Rodriguez Ultra Runner Wolfpack
Hector Rodriguez
Year started: 2018
Next race: Triple Crown of 200s (Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, Moab 240)
Favorite gear:

Reigning Champ

I am a husband, father, and challenge seeker that resides in San Diego, CA. My ultra-running journey started in late 2018 after seeing people very close to me start to have cracks in their mental mindsets. I began to witness people in my circle have anger outbursts, abuse alcohol, and use other substances to help them deal with their depression, anxiety, anger, etc. Leading by example was in my DNA, so I grabbed David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me book and set off on a journey to become mentally tougher and a rock for my family and community. Asking myself: what’s my next challenge? became my guiding light.

Daily 10-Mile Challenge: Building the Foundation

I immediately took the tools learned and applied it to my daily life starting with giving myself a daily 10 miles a day challenge. This led to an obsession with getting miles in every single day even while knowing that this action would lead to sacrificing time spent that could have been with my family. I started to understand that for me to give my best, I knew I had to be my best and that required this effort, sweat, and daily trips into the “pain cave”.

The Search for the Ultimate Challenge: Moab 240

As I began having success in my abilities to out endure others, I then set my path on looking for the hardest challenge I could find, I found the Moab 240 mile endurance race. I purposely wanted to compete in this event to have my mind and body tested to its limits to see how I would respond. Despite the pain, challenges, struggles, or discomfort I encountered, I  wanted to know how long and far I would go. Could I withstand something that 99% of people on this planet cannot endure? I did and it led me to asking what’s my next challenge?

Training for Life: Lessons from the Pain Cave

Through this journey, I have found the importance in training for life. I have learned that the way I train and suffer daily makes anything work or life throws at me and my family’s way easier to deal with. This training style allows me to look at my wife, daughters, and friends (whom I refer to as my Wolf Pack in the face confidently knowing that I have the tools to outwork others and endure whatever is needed to ensure they are taken care of.

I believe I now have the mental strength that very few have. I would have never reached this mental fortitude by staying on the couch. , I had to go into the cave daily to sharpen my “axe”. My effort has positively influenced those around me and in my community to become more active, look for healthier ways to deal with their issues, and strive to be better each day.

Never Peaking: The Pursuit of Continuous Improvement

I am a firm believer that you need to find struggle, pain, and discomfort because if you don’t it will find you. I work to get better every day so that I “never peak”, therefore you will continue to see me take on some of the biggest and toughest challenges out there. In 2021, I will be attempting the triple crown of 200s. This is three 200+ milers in three consecutive months. I am supported by my family and Wolfpack teammates as I continue on in my journey to lead by example and be one of the mentally toughest people in my family/community.