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Ultramarathon vs. Triathlon: Kristie Concepcion’s Surprising Training Revelations


We continue our Enjoying The Journey series with Kristie Concepcion. KC is training for her first 100 mile ultramarathon after years of competing at the Ironman distance in triathlon. When looking at ultramarathon vs triathlon, Kristie has learned a lot about the training. 

In this 3rd interview with Jason Bahamundi of Run Tri Bike, Kristie talks about how what training for a 100 mile ultramarathon has taught her in comparison to long course triathlon.

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From Personal Trainer To Ultra Runner

We celebrate athletes who embrace the journey of pushing their limits and challenging themselves to new heights. In this article, we focus on the incredible journey of Kristie Concepcion as she trains for her first 100-mile race. As we delve into her experiences, we discover the unexpected challenges, her triumphs, and how she navigates the demanding world of ultramarathon training. Our conversation heads toward ultramarathon vs triathlon training with regards to nutrition.

The Unexpected Yet Beneficial Aspects of Training

When Kristie embarked on her 100-mile training cycle, she didn’t expect the emphasis on floor work and functional training. Workouts like yoga, weight training, balance exercises, and stretching became essential parts of her regimen. Surprisingly, these exercises have proven to be incredibly beneficial, enhancing her overall strength and endurance.

Another unexpected discovery was the variation in her energy levels during different training weeks. The heavy weeks seemed to flow effortlessly, requiring minimal recovery. However, the lighter weeks posed unforeseen challenges, demanding more mental fortitude and determination than anticipated. Yet, Kristie’s dedication remains unwavering, proving her commitment to enjoying the journey, regardless of the obstacles.

Racing Under the Night Sky

Recently, Kristie participated in a race where she decided not to focus on the competition but rather on embracing the trail under the night sky. Racing at night was a new experience for her, bringing an element of excitement and fear. Nevertheless, equipped with her newfound confidence and a reliable headlamp, she navigated the race with grace and ease.

Familiar with the terrain from a previous race, Kristie tackled muddy trails, water crossings, and sandy patches with determination. Sharing the experience with a friend added camaraderie, making the race even more memorable. Remarkably, Kristie emerged from the event feeling strong and energized, a testament to her training and mindset.

Looking Forward to the Journey Ahead

As Kristie looks ahead to the next month of training, she eagerly anticipates exploring double day runs and listening closely to her body’s responses. With five months left in her training cycle, she is excited to witness her continued growth and strength. The once-daunting 100-mile race now feels like a conquerable feat, thanks to her enhanced mental and physical preparedness.

Love for the Journey, Challenges with Nutrition

Throughout her training journey, Kristie has developed a deep affection for the process. The buildup, the regiment, and the progress have made the training phase more enjoyable than the actual racing. However, the aspect she has struggled with is nutrition. The demanding nature of the 100-mile race requires meticulous planning and attention to fueling the body adequately. This learning experience has been steep, and while she has improved, there is still much to master.

When asked about ultramarathon vs triathlon training regarding nutrition, KC discussed how different the two were. For triathlon, having liquid and gels would be enough. For the 100- mile race she has to consider calories in aid station food. How does her body react to the food which means training with those items. These were not concerns when training for long-course triathlon.

Ultramarathon vs Triathlon Training: The Contrasts 

Having experience with 140.6-mile triathlons, Kristie highlights the stark contrasts between the two. The training for a 100-mile race demands a different level of focus and preparation, particularly when it comes to nutrition and hydration. Despite the challenges, Kristie finds herself more relaxed and genuinely enjoying the process of training for the ultramarathon.

KC mentioned that the ability to race a 140.6 mile triathlon could be complete with a 7 week training cycle based on her level of fitness. She said that even with a similar level of fitness she doesn’t believe that 7 weeks is enough. She went on to say that it isn’t advisable to train for only 7 weeks for 140.6, but that she was so entrenched in triathlon that she didn’t require a big build. 

Embodying the Spirit of Endurance and Joy

As we witness Kristie Concepcion’s training journey for her 100-mile race, we are reminded of the beauty of embracing the unknown and finding joy in every step of the process. The unexpected aspects of her training have only added to her strength and determination, propelling her forward on this exhilarating journey.

We can’t wait to see Kristie cross the finish line of her 100-mile race, epitomizing the spirit of enjoying the journey. Stay tuned for more updates as she continues to inspire us all with her unwavering passion and dedication.

Enjoying The Journey – Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK

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