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Timmy ‘Hot Dog’ Howard’s Journey Beyond the Finish Line

Timmy 'Hot Dog' Howard's Journey Beyond the Finish Line with Joe Hardin Run Tri Bike Everyday Athlete Podcast Network

The Everyday Athlete Podcast Network by Run Tri Bike presents the Beyond The Finish Line with Joe Harding podcast. Joe will uncover the inspiring stories of endurance athletes. In this episode, Joe uncovers the remarkable journey of Timmy ‘Hot Dog’ Howard, a story that goes beyond athleticism and embodies the spirit of endurance sports.

From Adversity to Triumph

Timmy’s path to success was not smooth. He had to overcome very difficult challenges. He has gone from battling homelessness and addiction to emerging as a beacon of inspiration. Timmy showcases the will of the human spirit and gives us an example of what it takes to overcome adversity.

Inches To Miles: A Triumph Over Odds

Explore Timmy’s role in the impactful Athletic Brewing sponsored film, Inches To Miles. Discover how he beat tremendous odds to be featured in this project, highlighting that every step forward is a victory against adversity.

Community Commitment

Timmy’s commitment to community shines through his involvement with organizations like Back on My Feet and The November Project. His passion for giving back showcases the camaraderie and joy that endurance sports bring to life.


Capturing Moments: The Artistic Side

Beyond running, Timmy’s passion for photography adds another layer depth to his story. From capturing breathtaking moments to finding solace behind the lens, his artistic pursuits showcase a multifaceted journey beyond the finish line.

The Origin of ‘Hot Dog’ Howard

Curious about Timmy’s Instagram handle, ‘Hot Dog’ Howard? Timmy shares the humorous and personal origin of this quirky moniker, adding a unique touch to his profound journey.

Inspiring Resilience

Join us in this captivating conversation between Joe Hardin and Timmy ‘Hot Dog’ Howard as they explore the highs, lows, and everything in between that define the journey beyond the finish line. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and uplifted by Timmy’s resilience and passion, leaving an indelible mark on every endurance athlete’s heart.