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Thick and thin.


Yorkie Pomeranian/9 Years Old
Favorite Post-Run Treat: McDonalds French Fries

Vee, a 9-year-old Yorkie Pomeranian, is Angelisa Arocha’s best running buddy. This tiny 5-pound pup has been a faithful companion through thick and thin, showcasing both resilience and charm. “She used to be my first running buddy,” Angelisa recalls fondly. “She would run 5K races with me when she was younger.”

Despite her small size, Vee proved to be a determined runner. However, life hasn’t always been easy for this little dog. Vee has faced significant challenges, including being blinded due to unfortunate circumstances involving people from Angelisa’s past. “She’s slowed down a lot more now,” Angelisa explains. “But she’s adapted well.”

These days, Vee enjoys a more leisurely pace. “Now she’s grown spoiled and knows I can put her in a backpack for hikes,” Angelisa chuckles.
At home, Vee has some quirky habits that endear her to Angelisa. “She’s my couch potato cat. I call her cat dog because she’s like a cat,” Angelisa says. “She doesn’t care to be by me until she wants to be or there’s food involved.”

Speaking of food, Vee has a particular fondness for treats, especially during outdoor adventures. “I try to have training treats on me when we’re running trails, just in case I need to distract her,” Angelisa shares. But Vee’s all-time favorite treat? McDonald’s French fries. “She knows when we’re at a drive-through,” Angelisa laughs. “She makes noises like she’s ordering herself and often gets free treats from the staff. I think she’s got like a 50% success rate of free food!”

Despite the challenges she faced, Vee continues to be a source of joy and companionship for Angelisa, proving that the best running buddies come in all sizes. Vee is there through thick and thin for Angelisa.