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The Importance Of Positive Energy In Endurance Sports

Importance of positive energy in endurance sports run Tri bike magazine Aum Gandhi

The world of endurance sports is constantly growing. As a result, many diverse personalities are entering the arena of triathlons, ultrarunning, cycling, skiing, and more. Different personalities mean different energies. The energy in a room can be a very powerful thing. In endurance sports, energy has the power to be the game-changer when running up that rugged mountain or skiing across a snow-capped landscape. The importance of positive energy cannot be understated.

At my last 50 KM ultramarathon, I made a simple promise to myself. I would tell jokes, smile often, and remind people they’re doing great. Throughout the race, I saw entire body languages change, including my own. The positive input I gave in to the system helped me have a better overall experience. It was as if making jokes about polar bears with ear muffs brought a new rush of power. Smiling seemed to unlock new gear in my body, even when I was climbing a steep hill. Telling someone they’re doing great might just be the thing that gets them through a lull. 

Stress is something every person must deal with in life. Therefore, it’s safe to say everyone has seen at some point what a negative mindset can do. Aside from the eyeball test, studies exist that have proven the effects of vibe on performance. Negative energy drains you, destroys your body, and breeds more negativity. To go the distance that endurance sports take us, we cannot distance ourselves with negative energy. What exactly does positive energy do for you? Scientifically, a positive mindset gives you control, empowers your body to fight, and cultivates more positivity. What you put into the universe is the feedback you get back. Newton’s third law states for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Energy is vibrational and it’s very real. 

What are some concrete steps you can take to build a positive mindset that cultivates the right energy? If you have an endurance sports event coming up, here are some things you can do at that event to help you succeed.

Tips For Creating Positive Energy During Endurance Sports

  1. Smile. From the moment you jump out of your bed to the moment you jump back into it, smile. Sometimes, you’re in the pain cave and that smile won’t come naturally. Think about something that makes you happy. Maybe that is a family member that looks up to you. Maybe it’s llamas in bowties, kittens on your lap, or snakes in hats. For me, it’s the Cookie Jar, a strategy famously used by endurance athlete David Goggins. When you’re at a low point, remember all the things you’ve overcome that make you a rockstar!
  2. Have Fun. Cultivating any sort of energy or attitude doesn’t have to be hard work. Endurance sports demand all sorts of crazy things from their participants. From cycling 112 miles to running 7000 feet up technical terrain, it is relentless. Dress up in those colorful socks, tell those dad jokes, give that runner a fist bump, and have that conversation about your banjo hallucination. Embrace that crazy! 
  3. Take Care of Yourself. The connection between physical and mental is a two-way street. When you suffer, you will hit those low points. Naturally, taking care of yourself physically during an event will help you mentally. For example, when you’re not feeling very positive, you can pull out your favorite treat. Endurance sports are largely mental, but it’s always important to remember that the relationship between the physical and mental is an open road.
  4. Set Mindset Goals. Small steps will help create momentum. Setting concrete goals like smiling throughout the entire race, taking a funny selfie every quarter of a race, or making yourself tell one dad joke.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Bringing positive energy to endurance sports is important, but it’s a very simple thing to do. The endurance sports community is very friendly and inviting. Chances are you’re going to see the results of your input right away. Ultimately, we’re facing these challenges together to become better versions of ourselves. Cultivating positive energy is a simple, fun, and effective place to start.

Aum Gandhi Run Tri Bike Magazine Co-Owner

Aum Gandhi is a social media manager, content writer, and co-owner of Run Tri Bike. An active ultrarunner, Aum has a palpable love for the sport and the trail community. His purpose in all his professional and personal activities is to inspire others by leaving a positive impact. Aum maintains a personal blog on his website in which he shares both his running exploits and features of energizing endurance athletes to all audiences. In his free time, you’d probably catch Aum reading, crewing at races, playing video games, out on the trails, or watching NBA Basketball.