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SheTris I’On Club Triathlon Race Report

Where: South Carolina
When: May 18, 2024
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
SheTris All-Women Sprint Triathlon I'On Club
SheTris I'On Club 2024 Race Report Run Tri Bike
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Attitude, positivity
• Swim Cap
• Swim start organization and timeliness
What was less than ideal: Shirt - not flattering, fabric felt cheap.
What I didn't expect: Athletic Brewing beers were great!
Race organization: Good except the 2nd bike loop sign/attendant. The director said 2nd loop go to right, which what she meant was if you’re finishing you 2nd loop go to right but easily misinterpreted as if you’re starting 2nd loop go right
Fuel and aid stations: Acceptable
Overall grade: 4 stars