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Riding Through Life: Steven Amani’s Journey from Health to Happiness on Two Wheels

Riding Through Life Steven Amani How It All Started for Run Tri Bike
Steven Amani
Year started: 2020
Next race: March 9th - 12th, 2024 / Skinny Tires Festival / Moab, Utah
Favorite gear:

Hammerhead Karoo 2 Computer and the Garmin Varia Radar.

Cycling, more than just a sport, has the power to transform lives and build a community. Steven Amani’s cycling journey, began in early 2020 as a quest for life insurance. This led to better health and evolved into a lifestyle. Riding through life not only improved his physical well-being but also provided invaluable lessons for personal growth. His story reflects the essence of what cycling can teach us about life—perseverance, community, and the joy of the journey.

Discovering the Road to Health:

Steven’s cycling journey didn’t start with the pandemic but with a wake-up call from a doctor’s visit. Faced with high cholesterol, blood pressure issues, and a weight concern, he decided to explore a more enjoyable way to exercise. Remembering the joy of biking from his childhood, Steven picked up a bike and started riding around his neighborhood. Little did he know, this decision would mark the beginning of a life-altering adventure.

From Gravel to the Open Road:

Inspired by the sight of a gravel bike during his travels in England, Steven upgraded from his initial Walmart bike. Joining a cycling group in Charlotte, he discovered the camaraderie and motivation that come with shared experiences. Recognizing the limitations of his first gravel bike, he invested in a road bike, symbolizing not just a change in equipment but a commitment to continuous improvement.

Fellowship and Community:

Steven’s involvement with the Jamhuri Cycling Club, goes beyond the physical aspect of riding. Serving as one of the clubs ride leaders, he finds joy in representing his African heritage in a sport where diversity is often lacking. The sense of pride in being part of a cycling community that defies stereotypes and encourages healthy living is a driving force for Steven.

Challenges and Growth:

Steven’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. From cramps during an 85-mile ride to icy falls, he learned to overcome physical barriers by developing mental resilience. The lessons learned on the bike translate seamlessly to life’s obstacles. Embrace the difficulties, keep pushing forward, and trust that tough times are temporary.

Consistency and Enjoyment:

For Steven, the key to consistency lies in the joy of cycling. Whether he’s riding through life solo or leading the Jamhuri group, the fun aspect remains central. His Instagram account, Cycling Geezer, emphasizes the importance of enjoying the journey rather than obsessing over statistics. Through his posts, he aims to inspire others to embrace the sheer joy of riding.

Advice for Aspiring Cyclists:

Reflecting on his journey, Steven offers two pieces of advice. First, for those starting out, he suggests simply getting a bike and riding without overthinking it. The second, influenced by a friend’s swift entry into cycling through a supportive group, emphasizes the benefits of finding like-minded individuals who can guide and nurture beginners.

In essence, Steven Amani’s cycling journey embodies the transformative power of the sport. From health concerns to the pride of representing his community, Steven’s story is a about the positive impact cycling can have on one’s physical and mental well-being. It’s not just about the destination but the joy found in the ride itself, a similar story that was shared by Axel Rivera in his How It All Started.