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Redefining Limits: Lyle Anderson’s Journey

Lyle Anderson continues redefining limits.
Lyle Anderson
Year started: 2005

Lyle Anderson wasn’t always an endurance athlete. It wasn’t until his wife signed them both up for the St. George Marathon in 2005 that his passion for endurance sports truly ignited. “She was very good about getting out and doing all her training,” Lyle recalled. “I, on the flip side, just laid in bed and slept in while she’d get out and go run.” He ended up struggling through the half marathon that year, vowing “There is no way I am running a marathon.” Little did Lyle know that the next few years would catapult him into a journey of redefining limits.

Multiple Sclerosis

However, everything changed in 2007 when Lyle was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). “My doctor told me that I’d be in a wheelchair in five to ten years,” he said. The devastating prognosis lit a fire under Lyle – if he only had a few years left being able to walk, he was determined to make the most of it.

A Marathon

In 2010, Lyle’s father-in-law, an accomplished marathon runner, offered to pay for anyone in the family to run a marathon. “If I’ve got two more years till I’m going to be in a wheelchair, it would be cool to say that I had ran a marathon in my life before I was wheelchair bound,” Lyle thought. He successfully completed the marathon, igniting his endurance journey.

Underground Runner Series

From there, Lyle co-founded Underground Runner Series, hosting creative themed races where “people really just gravitated to the whole dress up concept behind it.” Events at his series included costumes ranging from leprechauns to elves. As his running distances increased, he took up triathlons, completing his first Ironman in 2012 at St. George despite his MS. “I’m not going to try it, I’m going to do it,” he declared. Winning a competition called Kona Inspired, Lyle had a chance to race Ironman Kona in 2013.


Zion 100

It was around this time that Lyle began working for Vacation Races, expanding his event directing skills. When the company acquired Ultra Adventures in 2016, Lyle tackled directing iconic 100-mile trail races. In 2017, Lyle attempted his first 100-miler at Zion and finished. This taught him more about the challenges of the distance. “I struggled the most with sleep deprivation.” When Lyle parted ways with Vacation Races in 2023, he kept this in mind.

Make 100-Milers More Achievable

This insight formed the basis for his latest company, Milestone Events, one which he started with three of his friends, all of whom he worked alongside at Vacation Races. Realizing a new format allowing sleep periods could make 100-milers more achievable, Lyle explained, “Given this format, this is an event that I can see myself doing, and this is something that I would like to do.”

Unrelenting Spirit

As a co-founder, Lyle has drawn from over 15 years of race events experience. “I feel like now we are really coming into this as experts in our field,” he said. “We all come with different skill sets to complement each other.” Lyle’s MS diagnosis could have been devastating, but instead it gives him the confidence to pursue hard things and be an entrepreneur. His unrelenting spirit showcases the incredible achievements possible through perseverance. “Whatever challenges I have, it could always be worse,” he stated. “And so I can cope with what I have to deal with right now.”

Revolutionize the Endurance Sports Industry

As Milestone Events launches, Lyle hopes “to make this an amazing event” that inspires others to redefine their limits. With the vision he shares with his three partners, he is poised to revolutionize the endurance sports industry. Lyle continues redefining limits for himself, and he hopes to help others do the same in the endurance sports world.