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Under the Moon 5K - Jane E Harry Memorial Run

When: June 4, 2021
Where: North Port, FL
Race type(s): 5K

Imagine a beautiful moonlit night in The Woodlands in North Port, where the only sounds you hear are the birds calling in the night. The rustling of the brush as wildlife forages in the woods. The splash of the occasional jumping fish or the undeniable sound of a gator sliding off the bank into the water.

You turn your light toward the darkness along the woods, green eyes catch the light and glow as they stare back at you. Is it a deer, a hog maybe a bobcat? You hear your feet hitting the pavement. You hear your heart rate increase. Is it because you are running?

You know you are perfectly safe as you make your way down our paved 5K course glowing in the moonlight and realize you have never felt so alive while in a race. All your senses are tingling as your mind imagines the wonders all around you that make the Woodlands the amazing place it is.

As you see the lights of the finish line ahead, the sounds of dance music start to replace the sounds of the wild. You smell the aroma of the awesome party food. The thought of an ice cold beer pushes you on and you realize that this going to be an amazing night with great friends!

Like we said. Come for the race. Stay for the party!