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Through & Through Fitness Presents: MLK Family Sofa to 10K

When: January 13, 2024
Where: Rincon, GA

Lord knows running hasn't always seemed like a friend to us. It makes us vulnerable to our own limits, and yet a good run nudges us in the clearest path towards what we truly need. So when I sensed that my clients were practically demanding more running goals, how could I say no? I am driven not only to help my team achieve a goal of running a 10K during a season of dreams aka Dr. Martin Luther King Weekend, but I am also extending the invitation to the families and friends of my clients.

Did you know that support is one of the main factors in helping someone reach their fitness goals? So not only can you show support by donating to make this weekend extra special, but you can join us wherever you are!

Donations go to the Effingham County NAACP and to supporting our local businesses!