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Santa Fe Jornado

When: January 27, 2024
Where: Durham, KS
Race type(s): 100K, 50mi, 50K

The Santa Fe Jornado

As you navigate the very path carved by early traders and pioneers, you will forge your own legacy. The Santa Fe Jornado is not just a race, it is an opportunity to reconnect with history, challenge your mind and body, and leave an indelible mark on your personal journey.

Lace up your shoes, summon your grit, and get ready to make new history on the Santa Fe Trail. The finish line awaits you and the memories you will create here will last a lifetime.

Race Hub

All races will start and finish at the main Race Hub. The enthusiasm will be huge with the people cheering on runners! The Race Hub is a great place for crews to hang out. There are portable restrooms located in this area as well. The Race Hub is located in the middle of the figure 8 course and will be the only aid station located on the course. Fully stocked with water, electrolytes, treats and snacks as well as a variety of homemade power snacks from the surrounding Mennonite community.

The Course

The south loop of 1.82 miles starts though native grassland with a technical dry creek bed crossing at the south end. Runners follow the south fence line to the grass waterway, where they turn and run north to the road. Runners follow the road to the trail-head of the north loop.

The North loop of 2.27 miles starts through the trees in a single-track trail. The beautiful trail quickly turns more difficult once runners reach a gate into the cattle pasture. Runners begin the most technical segment of the course as they navigate uneven terrain, following close beside the barbwire fence. Runners turn west and soon reach the Santa Fe Trail ruts, about 2.43 miles into the run. Turning north, runners can enjoy the thought of running in the actual ruts caused by hundreds of wagons rolling over the dry grassland. Runners then run west to the road, navigating another technical dry creek bed crossing before reaching the road and running south to the intersection of 300th and Goldenrod before turning east and finishing the final half a mile to the start gate.

50k- ​8 full loops of the course will rack up just over 32.72 miles or around 52.66km.
50 Miler- ​Did we say 50 miles? 13 full loops will actually bring you in at just over 53.17 miles.
100k- ​The longest distance in this event, the 100k is, well, not 100km. 16 full loops brings the distance to around 105.31km or around 65.44 miles.

To Lay It All Out

1. No Pets are allowed due to a high volume of wildlife in the area.
2. Littering is strictly prohibited.
3. Runners must stay on designated trail at all times.
4. Runners must be respectful of all volunteers, medical personnel, and race staff.
5. Crew must only meet runners at the Race Hub. Crew are not allowed to drive on any roads where runners will be present.
6. The course is on private land and on public roads. Please remember this at all times.
7. Any runner pulled from the course for medical reasons with be issued a DNF and will not be allowed back on course.
8. Children found wondering away will be put up for adoption to the highest bidder. Just Kidding. They will be fed candy and hyped up so much that parents will pull their hair out on the ride home.
9. Any runner, or crew found breaking rules will automatically be disqualified and face potential bans from future events.
10. Any runner starting a new loop after 5pm will be required to carry a headlamp or other light.
11. Drop bags must be clearly marked with runners name and bib number. Drop bags will only be located at the Race Hub. PLEASE PICK THEM UP AFTER THE RACE. Unretrieved drop bags will be given to local runners.

The Awards

All runners to complete their registered race before the cutoff will receive a finishers medal. Top 3 male and female finishers of each event will receive special prizes as well as the slowest recorded time before cutoff. Show off the Slow Poke award with pride. You finished the race.

Are you the type of person always trying to push yourself? Try for the Conestoga Wagon award. This award will be given to the person in each event that carries the most weight for the duration of the event. This weight cannot include water or nutrition. Running with a weight vest, ruck, or extra weights will qualify you. Make sure you weigh in prior to your start time and again when you cross the finish line to make sure you qualify. Any runner found dropping weights during the race will be disqualified from this award.

Race Times and Packet Pickup

Packet pickup on Friday will be at the Durham City Building where there will be an all you can eat BBQ meal for those who signed up at 7pm. Packet pickup at this location for all runners 6pm-9pm.
Packet pickup on race day will be from 6am-745am at the Race Hub
All races will have a prayer asking for safety and speed prior to beginning
100K race start time: 8am
50 Miler race start time: 9am
50K race start time: 10am

Timing provided by TimerGuys.


Cutoff for all races will be at 10am Sunday, January 28.