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PARKOUR WEDNESDAYS (4 week clinic)

When: October 11, 2023
Where: Williamstown, NJ

In this 4 week program participants will be learning the fundamentals of Parkour including vaulting, striding, landing, wall runs, spins and tacs, precisions, rolling and more. In addition the classes will include learning how to properly fall to avoid as much injury as possible. Each class will progressively get more advanced and require more focus and practice. Participants should dress in loose fitted “gym class” style of clothes with sneakers that have rubber soles. Please avoid wearing crocs, sandals, slippers, or any style of foam bottom shoes. 

Parkour program runs every Wednesday for 4 weeks.

-Kids 8-8:45 (ages 5-11)


 Wednesday October 11th,

 Wednesday October 18th,

 Wednesday October 25th,

 Wednesday November 1st.