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When: May 15, 2021
Where: Tequesta, FL
Race type(s): 5K

5K Trail Race and/or NEW FORMAT Obstacle Fitness Race

5K TRAIL RACE: It's just you and the trails! Experience 3+ Miles of Natural Florida terrain, including tight nit scrub and that lovely Florida sugar sand. Watch for turkeys, deer, and gators. Awards will be given to Top 3 Male and Female Finishers. There will also be an Award for the Top 3 children under the Age of 12.

OBSTACLE FITNESS RACE: Introducing our NEW FORMAT Obstacle Fitness Race. The race consists of running 1/4 Mile Laps around a centralized, staged area of 8 Obstacle Fitness Zones (OFZs). Each OFZ will consist of one obstacle (walls/monkey bars/etc) and one functional fitness exercise (wall balls/sled/burpees). Participants will Run the 1/4 Lap, then complete one OFZ, and repeat until all 8 Laps and all 8 OFZs are completed. The race distance will be 3 Miles Total, when combining laps run and distance covered in the Obstacle Fitness Zones. Spectators will be able to gather and cheer on participants around the staged OFZs.

KID's OBSTACLE RACE: The kid's obstacle race will begin at 11:45am, after the adult races have concluded. The kid's race will be the same NEW FORMAT as the adult race, consisting of running 1/4 Laps around a centralized, staged area of Obstacle Fitness Zones (OFZs). The OFZ's will be scaled down for the kid's race, and there will only be 1 Mile of running. This new format will allow parents to watch their kids conquer all of the obstacle and fitness zones in one central area.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: One Sweet Lookin' Race Medal, Awesome Finisher Shirts, and some Memories (some painful, some not)