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Miles for Manute

When: March 27, 2021
Where: Gainesville, FL
Race type(s): 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K, Virtual

This race is to commemorate the life and legacy of Christopher "Manute" Herndon. Amongst many things that Chris was known for- between family, friends, and co-workers- his competitive involvement in racing and triathlons was inspiring. To keep this inspiration burning, anyone interested is invited to participate in whichever level of race they feel driven towards. There is no fee for any race.

If you will be participating in Gainesville, we will set up a group departure location and general route (TBD), but otherwise everyone is encouraged to pre-select their race route- planning for weather, traffic, etc.

T-shirts will be made for anyone interested (although certainly not required). Cost for each shirt will likely be about $20, but is dependent on number of shirts ordered and any shipping cost. Picture of design is in the photo section of this webpage. If you are interested, contact Ryan Powell or Aaron Homan.

***Training: to encourage each other while training, please consider joining the Miles for Manute Strava Group.