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It's a FIESTA Pineapple Run 2022

When: April 9, 2022
Where: Huntsville, TX
Race type(s): 5K, 1M

The Peyton Irwin Memorial Scholarship Fund is having its 3RD annual fun run….a great race for an even greater cause!! This year we are doing it FIESTA style! Come join us as we bring awareness to distracted driving. This is a 5K and 1-mile your way – run or walk – just make it to the finish line. The event is not scored and no awards will be distributed – BUT, everyone will get a T-shirt and a SUPER swag bag. Cross the FINISH LINE and get one of our AWESOME finisher medals. But that's not all – Be sure and stick around for the driving safety fair and participant breakfast and other fun events.

All proceeds benefit the Peyton Irwin Memorial Scholarship Fund in their mission of educating on distracted driving and awarding students with scholarships.


Let me explain a little about our cause. On March 29, 2019, Peyton Irwin was traveling to San Antonio Texas to support her Alma Mater Drill Team at a State Competition. Unfortunately, she did not make it to that event because she, along with three other passengers in the vehicle, was killed by a distracted driver. The driver of the vehicle was on his phone texting – not seeing the stopped car Peyton was in – and did not apply his brakes until just .06 seconds before hitting them while traveling at approximately 60 miles per hour. It is so important to educate people on the dangers of texting, social media, handling phones, and other distractions while driving a vehicle. Had he been paying attention, he could have seen them and slowed down, or swerved to miss them. We want to prevent this from happening to others.