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Gran Fondo Cycling Challenge Miami

When: October 8, 2023
Where: Doral, FL

THE GRAN FONDO CYCLING CHALLENGE MIAMI 2023 is a cycling event governed by its own regulations. The event starts at 07:00 AM on Sunday, October 8, 2023. The GFCC MIAMI will start from DOWNTOWN DORAL PARK and will end at the same venue. All our participants will have six (6) hours to finish any of the 3 distances. Once this period is over, ALL logistical support will be withdrawn from the track. We will have available at the end of the caravan official vehicles of the event where the participants can use to return to the end point of the GFCC MIAMI. Participants who decide to complete the tour will continue at their own risk and the routes will be without logistics support for both safety and hydration. It is considered registered who has completed the registration form and made the respective payment. Whoever fills out the form, but does not formalize the payment, is NOT considered registered under any circumstances and cannot demand that their quota be respected during the deli- very of kits and during the execution of the event.