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Fellowship of the Idiots 19.7-Mile Run

When: February 12, 2022
Where: Albemarle

This year we will be celebrating our 20th Year of the Fellowship of the Idiot Run! Gonna be another fantastic event. Thanks to those that donate funds and purchase apparel for this event.

1) The 2022 Fellowship of the Idiot Run is held three weeks before the Myrtle Beach Marathon and two weeks before the Ellerbe Marathon to give you a fun, long training run to get your miles in.

2) We will have the same format as last year. You can start anytime between 5:00 am to 5:45 am, however, you must finish by 9:45 am. This format was very popular last year.

3) For our 20th year, we came up with new items in our Fellowship of the Idiot Store for 2022. We have a charcoal theme this year, with a new design for the cool max shirts and we have closeout pricing on some hoodies and more.

The Fellowship of the Idiot Run is a free 19.7-Mile Run that takes runners from the YMCA to the top of Morrow Mountain and back to the YMCA. It is a non-timed event. There is no charge for the run. Donations and FOTI Apparel purchases are greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of putting on a run for 200 to 300 runners.
Start time: You can start anytime between 5:00 am and 5:45 am. Runners must complete the course by 9:45 am.

This year we are allowing a one-hour start window. You can start anytime between 5:00 am and 6:00 am. More importantly, you need to be finished by 9:45 am. So here's a pace indicator to figure when you would need to start to complete by 9:45.

If you run an 11:25 per mile pace, you can start as late as 6:00 am and complete the run by 9:45.
If you run a 12:57 per mile pace you can start as late as 5:30 am and complete the run by 9:45.
If you run a 14:28 per mile pace you will need to start at 5:00 am to complete the run.

Basically, if you are running faster than an 11:25 pace, you can start anytime between 5:00 and 6:00 and complete the run by 9:45.

We have picked this year's date because it is 3 weeks before the Myrtle Beach Marathon, and is a great last training run.

The Idiot Run

Those that complete their first Fellowship of the Idiot Run earn a Fellowship of the Idiot t-shirt and are suitable for framing certificate. In addition, you will get your name on the Fellowship of the Idiot wall at Vac & Dash.

If you are training for a half-marathon, or want to get in a shorter run, there are 12-mile and 14-mile options on the down and back course. Turn around at the corner of Valley Drive and Morrow Mountain Road for the 12-Mile Run. Turn around at the front gate of Morrow Mountain State Park and you will have a run a little over 14-miles. (For clarification, you must run the entire 19.7 Mile Idiot Run course to earn the t-shirt and certificate.)

Bathrooms and showers will be available at the YMCA for runners starting at 7:00 am. Please bring your own
1) Great Volunteers and support along the route.
2) A beautiful sunrise and view at the top of Morrow Mountain.
3) Meagan from Massage 101 will be on hand for free massages at the finish line.
4) Great snacks and food at the finish.
5) Free Fellowship of the Idiot Run Ringer t-shirt for first-time Idiots. The t-shirt will be one of your favorites.
6) A suitable framing certificate that certifies your lunacy.

Packet Pick-Up:

Thursday 2-5:30 & Friday at Vac & Dash, 10 -5:30 154 S. First St. Albemarle, NC 28001.
Saturday Morning at 4:30 am at the Stanly County Family YMCA at the Pavilion. 427 N. First Street Albemarle, NC 28001
The Pavilion is the building in the YMCA Park next to the playground across the street from the YMCA.

Aid Stations & Radio Crew:

For a free event, there is plenty of support along the way. We will have aid stations at approximately the following mile markers: 2.2, 4.0, 6.0, 7.5, 9.75, 12.0, 13.5, 15.5, 17.0 18.0
In addition to water, Gu's, Honey Stingers, etc. will be available. We will have Gatorade at the mountain top and at the aid stations on the way back.

At every aid station, we will have a plastic container for you to drop off gloves, clothes, etc. We will have the containers at the finish line. We will have as much of the stuff you drop off along the way at the finish line that we can get. Also, the Stanly County Amateur Radio Club will be stationed along the course. If you need any help, stop and ask them.

History of the Idiot Run:

Back in the winter of 2003, Peter Asciutto, Derek Blalock, Joe Korzelius, Ryan Owens, Craig Gunkle, Lee Allen and Larry Hyde were training for various marathons. The friends decided to meet one morning at the Stanly County Family YMCA, in the dead of the winter, to run to the top of Morrow Mountain and back. They started their legendary journey at 5:00 am with the temperature at 20 degrees.

By the time they got to the six-mile mark, their water bottles were frozen, as was the water they dropped along the course the previous evening. Word of their travels made it to the local newspaper and the Stanly News and Press ran an article about their adventure.

Renee Asciutto, wife at the time of Charter Member Peter Asciutto, was getting a massage a few days after the story ran in the paper. During her massage, Greta, the massage therapist asked her, "Did you read in the paper where those Idiots ran to the top of Morrow Mountain and back in the freezing temperature." Renee quickly replied, "My husband is one of those Idiots."

Thus the Fellowship of the Idiots was born.

Peter Asciutto
Vac & Dash
Charter Idiot
For questions, you can call Vac & Dash 704-983-3274 or email