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Eau Claire Marathon

When: September 26, 2021
Where: Eau Claire, WI
Race type(s): 26.2M, 13.1M, 5K

The Eau Claire Marathon is hoping to be back in person for 2021. THE MARATHON START (and Relay) β€’ As we, over the years, have developed this course, it focuses on emphasizing the beauty of the city, particularly it’s bridges and rivers, and our new start certainly embraces that!! When you stand on the Madison Street Bridge and look North and South, the view of the river is spectacular. From a runners standpoint, it will trigger many emotions which all are tied to your task at hand. It suggests POWER but at the same time reminds us of PERSISTENCE and CALMNESS. Our course re-design was not taken lightly and we think the changes will enhance not only the runners but spectators experience as well. Centering around the Phoenix Park Area, spectators will be able to witness runners as they start, as they loop through early on in the race as well as before they head down Barstow and again as they finish….. THAT significantly enhances the runners experience!! #runec