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District 19 Run Series: Tenfold

When: October 1, 2023
Where: Washington, DC

Time is our most valuable gift. We never know how much of it we have, but we all have the opportunity to make it meaningful. And over the last decade, we at District Running Collective have taken our time and made it count. 

Our community is more than miles logged and pace charts, it’s a lineage that extends from Hackney to Berlin, Chicago to Toronto, New York City to the Baltimore Harbor; and from the lowest depths of Death Valley to the highest peaks of Mt. Killington. 

Before brand sponsorships, we were here. Before running marathons or “running for life” was cool, we were here. In the moments where the future of our community, city, country, and world were insufferable and uncertain, we were here. And we are still here, rooted in our collective belief that each person holds the power to redefine our impossible every day. 

The number 10 represents hope, guidance, and completion, but our story isn't over yet. This is the beginning of the next chapter. Our time isn’t in our past or our future–our time is now. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. Tenfold