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Avon Dunk-n-Dash Aquathlon Series #6

When: August 2, 2021
Where: Avon, CO
Race type(s): Aquathlon

The Town of Avon is proud to present our 16th Annual Dunk-N-Dash Aquathlon Series. Athletes can register for one event or for the entire series. Swimmers in the Dunk-N-Dash can opt to make one or two 800-meter loops around the Nottingham Lake. The 5K run starts and finishes at the Avon Performance Pavilion. The route runs north around Nottingham Lake, follows the path to Avon Elementary and turns onto the scenic river recreation path. At “Bob the Bridge,” runners turn around and return on the same path detouring to the south side of the lake for the finish line. Stick around following the race to participate in our FREE raffle!