Welcome to the IRACELIKEAGIRL Podcast, where a professional triathlete, Angela Naeth, and an age grouper, Amy Woods, talk about all things sport and life. We are here to educate and enlighten, but most importantly, to keep it real.

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We exist because we want you to Tri! We talk with coaches, professional athletes, beginner athletes, race and event directors and announcers, triathlon media, and other industry leaders who share their beginner stories, and what it takes to be successful in this sport – and life. We know and believe that we connect and grow when we share common experiences and recognize we aren’t on the struggle bus alone.

Triathlon is a lifestyle, and we are here to help you tri until you die! While we are here for beginners, we believe you should always come to the sport with a beginner’s mindset.

This will help athletes of all abilities and experiences so we can learn, grow, and constantly get better.

Tri Beginner’s Luck is the podcast and community you need to start and continue your love affair with the Triathlon lifestyle! .

Everyone wants to try their luck, and WIN and it’s possible when you TRI!