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North Jersey Pride Run

Where: New Jersey
When: June 3, 2024
Race length: 5k
Quick Tips:
• Bring your own water
• HIlls are deceiving and more than you would expect.
North Jersey Pride Run Race Report Run Tri Bike
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The best thing(s) about the race:
• Small, intimate run with lots of cheer and good spirits
• Supports a good cause with Pride
• Community Support
What was less than ideal: The start and finish are on a small uneven path inside the park. Best for a fun run and not for time.
What I didn't expect: Part of the race required staying on a sidewalk as they were unable to get permission to close one block from traffic.
Race organization: The bib pick up was well organized. For a small race it is fine for what it is, but if it grows much, they will need additional help.
Fuel and aid stations: Two water stations which is helpful on a hot day, but not well organized made getting water a bit of a task with a need to slow down which may bother some, especially those looking to maintain their pace.
Additional info: This race is about bringing people together to support and kick off Prde Month. If you are looking to get out for a run and have a nice time, it is a good event. If you are looking for true race conditions or to hit a PR, you may wish to look elsewhere.
Overall grade: 3 stars