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Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells – Jason Bahamundi

Where: California
When: December 4, 2022
Race length: 70.3 Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Be sure you know how to handle your bike. Plenty of turns on the bike course.
• If you're in the swim leg, make sure you have a thermal wetsuit and a thermal headband or neoprene cap. The water is cold.
70.3 Indian Wells Race Report Run Tri Bike Magazine Jason bahamundi
The best thing(s) about the race:
• The setting was top notch. Racing in the dessert in December with perfect weather and mountains all around is was amazing.
• I was the bike leg of a relay team. Racing on the race track for ~10 miles was glorious.
• Being a member of a relay team, I only had to focus on the bike and not have to bring all the swim and run gear with me as well. Having to worry about only 1 event was fantastic.
What was less than ideal: The early wake-up call to get to the swim start despite not getting on the bike until nearly 3 hours after arriving at the swim start. There isn't much parking at the swim start, and there is nothing IM can do about that, but it's rough to get up at 3am and not race until 8am. A few hours of extra sleep would have helped.
What I didn't expect: The rough roads on the bike course. There are sections where is is smooth but the majority of the bike ride is on rough road.
Race organization: The race was very well organized and easy to navigate.
Fuel and aid stations: Didn't use any of it but it all seemed standard.
Overall grade: 4 stars