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I Can Do This – Jackie Cox

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Jackie Cox
Year started: October 2013
Next race: Coyotoe Trail Race - April 17, 2021
Favorite gear:

Hoka, Infinite Alchemy, Speedo, Roka, Zoot, Epix

Many moons ago, at age 45, I received an unfavorable report from my physician that I had high blood pressure. I was floored. As the athlete in my family, I thought, “how is this possible?” It stirred something inside of me. Then in the Fall of 2013, I watched my cousin compete in an Ironman, which became the pivotal point for me and the next day I started training.

Triathlon Is A Sum Of My Passions

As a swimmer, cyclist, and runner, I saw the opportunity to put all three passions together. I soon registered for my first half Ironman at IM Galveston 70.3. I drove 23.5 hours from LA to Galveston, TX to compete. I had gathered all of my training from Pinterest and had no clue if I was doing it right. . I asked myself, “Is this Cannondale 10-speed the right bike? Is the tri kit and wet suit my cousin loaned me the proper fit?” Seeing the ocean at Galveston overwhelmed me. It’s a “jump-in start” and my old competitive swim days were “dive in” at the pool. I was out of my element and scared. I had never swam competitively in open water.

I Loved It!

I made it out of the water and during transition lost a tooth opening a GU. My adrenaline was insane!! I LOVED IT!! It was everything knowing I wasn’t the last person out of the water. I thought “I CAN DO THIS!”

Despite having finished on the podium of a number of races, I know my journey in endurance sports is just beginning. I have completed 24 half-iron distance races, a full 140.6 at IM Arizona, a finish at the 70.3 World Championships in 2018 in Chattanooga, and a number of Sprint and Olympic races, which will include the US National Triathlon Championships coming this Fall, and I know this is where I belong. I’m just getting started.

We Are Doing This Together

Along the way in 2017, I met my person. Andrea and I collided on our endurance journeys and both ran the Mountain 2 Beach marathon in Ventura. I would join her as a Boston Qualifier and we set out to not only join our paths as athletes, but as life partners. I moved to Dallas and the rest is history. We finished Boston and have since completed other world major marathons, Ironman red carpets, local races for causes, and now trail ultra races together!! We believe there are no limits for us!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Notes to my beginner self: BE PATIENT! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Never give up! Follow your passion! Follow your heart! And NEVER forget to have fun!