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From the Women’s March to Marathons: How Jessica Quillin Found Balance in Running and Business

From the Women's March to Marathons Jessica Quillin Run Tri Bike
Jessica Quillin
Year started: 2017
Next race: November 2024 / Every Woman’s Marathon / Savannah, GA
Favorite gear:
  • Saucony Endorphin Speed 4s for training
  • Saucony Endorphin Pros for racing
  • Lululemon run skirts
  • Goodr sunglasses
  • Feetures sock
  • Nathan hydration vest for life
  • Sweaty Bands sparkly headbands

In 2017, Jessica Quillin embarked on a journey that intertwined her love for running with her entrepreneurial ambitions. Inspired by the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Jessica made a decision to turn her aspirations into reality. This decision not only propelled her into the world of endurance sports but also provided her with a critical outlet for managing the stresses of her professional life. Today, Jessica’s story of going from the Women’s March to marathons offers valuable lessons for aspiring runners and entrepreneurs alike.

The Catalyst: Finding Motivation in the Women’s March

Jessica Quillin’s running journey began in January 2017, following her participation in the Women’s March in Washington, DC. The event ignited a spark within her, motivating her to stop merely talking about her goals and start acting on them. “Running regularly was always on my list of things I wanted to do. After that event, I decided I wanted to start acting on my goals, rather than talking about them,” Jessica recalls. She signed up for a local 10-miler, marking the beginning of her commitment to running.

Running also served as a vital outlet for Jessica, helping her navigate the intense pressures of her life. “My life was incredibly stressful. I needed an outlet. Running became that outlet,” she explains. This dual purpose—pursuing a long-held goal and finding a stress-relief mechanism—set the stage for Jessica’s enduring relationship with running.

Favorite Gear: Essentials for Training and Racing

For Jessica, having the right gear is crucial to her running experience. She swears by Saucony Endorphin Speed 4s for training and Endorphin Pros for racing. Her go-to outfit includes Lululemon run skirts, Goodr sunglasses, Feetures socks, and a Nathan hydration vest. Completing her signature look are Sweaty Bands sparkly headbands. “I’m not stylerunnerphd for nothing,” Jessica quips, highlighting her unique blend of style and functionality.

Balancing Running with Entrepreneurship

Balancing a demanding startup with a rigorous running schedule is no easy feat. Jessica admits that there’s no perfect balance, emphasizing the importance of meticulous scheduling. “I feel like I never get it right, especially during the school year. I’m either up early for runs or guiltily cramming them into a work day,” she confesses. Despite the challenges, Jessica continues to juggle her dual commitments, driven by her passion for both running and her business.

Lessons from Running: Patience and Perseverance

Running has taught Jessica invaluable lessons that she applies to her business endeavors. “Running has taught me patience and perseverance more than anything I’ve ever done,” she says. Her experience training for and completing her first marathon reinforced her belief in her ability to achieve difficult goals. “This proved to me that I can do hard things,” she adds. These qualities—patience and perseverance—are crucial for any entrepreneur navigating the unpredictable landscape of business.


Business Lessons Applied to Running: Embracing BHAG Goals

Conversely, Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey has influenced her approach to running. Owning her own business has instilled in her a mindset of setting and achieving ambitious goals. “Seeing my business dreams happen makes me want to hit my running goals even harder,” she notes. The busy demands of entrepreneurship have taught Jessica the importance of relentless pursuit, even in the face of challenges.

Risk-Taking: A Common Thread in Running and Business

For Jessica, risk-taking is a common thread that runs through both her running and business ventures. She acknowledges that each endeavor has encouraged her to take more risks in the other. “I literally have ‘stubborn’ tattooed on my left arm. So I’m never one to give up once I start something,” she shares. This tenacity and willingness to embrace risks have been instrumental in her successes as both a runner and a business owner.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jessica offers practical advice for those just starting in business. “Be specific about what your business does and the value add you bring to clients or the world,” she advises. She emphasizes the importance of understanding your “why,” knowing your unique differentiator, and identifying your target audience. “Vision is great but it doesn’t pay the bills,” she cautions, highlighting the need for a clear and actionable business plan.

Tips for New Runners

For those new to running, Jessica’s advice is simple yet profound: start slow and enjoy the process. “Allow yourself to fall in love. Don’t compare yourself to others. Learn your happy pace and build from there,” she encourages. Her emphasis on enjoying the journey and avoiding comparisons is crucial for new runners looking to develop a sustainable and fulfilling running practice.

Looking Ahead: The Every Woman’s Marathon

Jessica’s next big race is the inaugural Every Woman’s Marathon in Savannah in November 2024. This event represents another significant milestone in her running journey, reflecting her ongoing commitment to pushing her limits and achieving her goals. As she prepares for this race, Jessica continues to inspire others with her story of balancing entrepreneurship and endurance sports.

Jessica Quillin’s journey from the Women’s March to the marathon starting line is proof of the power of setting goals and acting on them. Her experiences highlight the impact that running can have on personal and professional development. For Jessica, running is not just a physical activity but a vital part of her life that complements her entrepreneurial spirit. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to start running or embark on their entrepreneurial journey. By embracing patience, perseverance, and risk-taking, Jessica has shown that it is possible to achieve great things in both running and business.