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Finding Your Stride: How Ultra Running Transforms Lives and Businesses

Finding Your Stride: Ultra Running and Entrepreneurship Collide Max Vaughn Run Tri Bike

For Max Vaughn, the journey into ultra running and entrepreneurship wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Instead, it happened organically, driven by a combination of various interests. His story is one of endurance sports, the entrepreneurial spirit and finding your stride in your chosen passion.

Unexpected Beginnings: A Runner is Born

Max Vaughn stumbled upon running, almost by chance, during his high school years in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. With a shift in living arrangements, he found himself in a new town without a football team. This move created an opportunity for him to explore cross country as an alternative. Despite showing up to his first practice in heavy basketball shoes, his talent for running emerged. Little did he know that this would set the tone for what would one day become Mako Endurance.

Reflecting on his early experiences, Max shares, “I never aimed for first place, but I found peace in the rhythm of my strides. Running became my therapy, a sanctuary from life’s chaos.” This sentiment resonated deeply as he discussed the highs and lows of childhood. He mentioned that every mile logged helped him build an inner strength.

From Desk Job to Ultramarathons: Navigating Life’s Terrain

As adulthood beckoned, Max found himself in the 9 to 5 of corporate America. As he sat at his desk, he came across an an article  that reignited his passion for running. The article was about runners tackling 50-mile races. He hadn’t resumed running yet but was intrigued by the ‘competition.’ “I was mentally competing with them, envisioning myself crossing the finish line,” Max recalls.

This single article would spark a new chapter in his life. He not only picked running back up but he left corporate America. Max became a law enforcement officer and running would help him stay fit in this new career.

Amidst the demands of a career and family responsibilities, Max went from sporadic runs to finishing his first ultramarathon. The transition wasn’t seamless. He dealt with doubts as well as physical challenges along the way. Despite that, he pushed through the barriers and embraced the mantra of ‘one step at a time.’

Running as Therapy: Navigating Life’s Terrain

For Max, the parallels between his roles as a law enforcement officer and an ultra runner are unmistakable. “Both demand resilience and mental fortitude,” he explains. “Running became my refuge, a space to process the complexities of my profession and find clarity amidst chaos.” Running brought him peace and allowed him to work through everyday challenges.

As he was figuring out the challenges of ultramarathons, Max learned invaluable lessons. “Each race is a microcosm of life’s journey,” he muses. “You learn to embrace discomfort, confront your limitations, and emerge stronger on the other side.”


Entrepreneurship: Crafting Gear for the Journey

Driven by a passion for innovation and a keen eye for opportunity, Max ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded Mako Endurance, a business dedicated to designing high-performance gear for runners. Inspired by his own experiences on the trails, Max’s creations blend functionality with durability. Mako Endurance offers a line of products that can help athletes at all levels.

“Starting a business is just like running an ultramarathon,” Max reflects. “It demands perseverance, adaptability, and a belief in your vision.” Through planning and dedication, he’s transformed Mako Endurance from an idea into a business.

Advice for Aspiring Athletes and Entrepreneurs

For those starting their own journey into ultrarunning, Max offers advice: “Run your race. Embrace the process, celebrate your victories, and learn from every setback. Remember, your journey is uniquely yours, and comparisons can only set you back.”

Similarly, for budding entrepreneurs, Max emphasizes the importance of clarity and perseverance. “Know your why, and let it guide you through the inevitable challenges,” he advises. “Stay focused on your vision.”

Max Vaughn’s story gives us an example of the opportunity that endurance sports and entrepreneurship can give us. Finding your stride on the trail and business is about finding yourself. Allow yourself to take risks and learn lessons along the way. Max is leading by example in this area.


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