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Finding Balance: Clay Deveau’s Journey Through Injury and Motivation

Finding Balance: Overcoming Setbacks in Running Clay Deveau Run Tri Bike

Clay Deveau, a new runner with a deep love for the sport, recently faced a challenging setback. This obstacle tested his physical resilience as well as his mental strength. During the past couple of months Clay had a sudden foot injury that brought significant pain. This pain was reminiscent of a past ankle ligament tear. Despite the mystery surrounding the cause of the injury, Clay made his way through recovery and adjusted his marathon goals. This led Clay to work on finding balance between a fixed mindset and flexibility.

A Painful Pause and Reevaluation

Clay described the night when the pain struck, recalling how a seemingly normal day of coaching and watching friends play turned into a struggle to even walk. He shared, “I could feel my left foot starting to throb inside the boot,… I did nothing all day.” The sharp pain and resemblance to a previous injury left him puzzled but determined to recover as quickly as possible. As the days passed, Clay’s resilience shone through as he gradually transitioned from crutches to walking. His patience showed a remarkable ability to adapt and bounce back.

The injury, although disruptive, prompted Clay to reevaluate his training routine and goals. With a marathon target of sub 3:30 in November, the setback forced him to reassess his timeline and approach. Clay admitted, “I ended up with three weeks of less running than I had been doing… that was pretty aggravating.” The shift in plans, including missing out on a planned marathon, required mental strength and a renewed sense of purpose to stay committed to his long-term goal.

“I wanted to go sub-3:30 in November,” Clay confessed, grappling with the frustration of disrupted plans. The foot injury has forced Clay to reassess his approach, incorporating a gradual return to running while balancing work commitments and family responsibilities.


Balancing Life’s Demands and Fitness Goals

Clay’s mindset during recovery, included concerns about losing fitness and managing anxiety. Clay acknowledged the challenges but found motivation in viewing running as an integral part of life, not just a pursuit of external goals. He shared, “It’s just become a lifestyle… it’s just something I do now.” This perspective of finding balance, allowed Clay to enjoy family commitments, work obligations, and training schedules effectively.

Looking ahead, Clay looked at potential race options like a June half-marathon in Kentucky. Being open to changes shows his flexibility in adapting training around life demands. Clay’s journey showcases his adaptability, and ability to find joy in the process. His evolving approach toward integrating fitness goals within lifestyle considerations reflected a thought process that was more long-term happiness than short-term glory.

The Journey Continues

As Clay makes his way through the upcoming months, balancing training, and potential job changes, his journey is what endurance sports are intended to be. They are a combination of passion, perseverance, and adaptability. The obstacles are stepping stones, shaping Clay’s mindset and commitment toward achieving his marathon goal in November.

Clay is finding balance and meaning not just in the finish line but in every step taken. Despite it being overused and probably hanging above a door somewhere, the concept of the joy is in the journey is a cliché for a reason. Enjoying the journey, regardless of what comes at you, builds a lasting bond with endurance sports. Join us next month as we find out what obstacles he has overcome in the pursuit of his first marathon finish line.


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