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Ekrin365 Percussion Massager Product Review

Ekrin365 Percussion Massager Product Review Kim Krapcha Run Tri Bike Magazine Contributor

As someone who regularly abuses my body with workouts or ultramarathons, I also understand the importance of recovery. There are many tools in a well-rounded recovery program, but I want to discuss percussion massagers, specifically the Ekrin365 percussion massager.

Percussion massagers use rapid and repetitive pressure combined with vibration therapy. They range from full fledge “guns” to small, palm sized items marketed to be used “on the go”. There are many potential benefits of percussion massagers such as increasing blood flow, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, and help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

Today I’ve got the Ekrin365 percussion massager to review.

Ekrin365 Percussion Massager Product Review


The Ekrin365 is priced in line with other percussion massagers of its caliber with a price point of $179.99. Included in the box is a stylish carrying case to keep everything together. You also get 4 attachments, a charging cable, instruction manual, and a brand sticker.

Let’s talk size first. As a female with female sized hands, I’m often wondering if I will be able to use an item on myself, by myself. Will it be too heavy or bulky for me to use with two hands let alone one hand?

I can proudly say this slim design is fantastic! It’s lightweight and easy to use with one hand. Ekrin boasts a longer handle and I will agree, it’s easy to reach my back single handed without the fear of dropping it or loss of control.

As far as attachments go, it seems to be a standard set of 4 – flat, fork, cone, and round. I personally love the cone for working on my plantar fascia. The tools are easy to change and stay in place well.

Straight out of the box the Ekrin365 comes charged. While attempting to run down the battery, we did notice it has an auto shut off. This can come in handy for those of us to sleepily massage after a hard day of training.

The Ekrin365 percussion massager might be easy to hold and lightweight – a whopping 1.7lbs – but it does pack a punch! It has 4 speeds ranging from 2000-3200 RPMs and sensor to let you know the amount of pressure you’re applying.


One immediate con I have is that the type-C charging cable is just the cable. Like everyone else, Ekrin assumed I have plenty of USB wall chargers around my house already. But if that’s the only issue I have, I will survive.

My only other con to this would be its size in regard to traveling. I would take it with me on road trips to events. But as far as flying, I would likely take a smaller travel-sized massager.


I’ve used a multitude of other percussion massagers at sporting events or therapy sessions, but what I’ve noticed about the Ekrin365 that I haven’t seen in some others, is there’s no pinch points for your fingers or skin. But as always, don’t stick your fingers where they don’t belong because I’m sure someone could find a way to get pinched.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a full-size percussion massager, I highly recommend the Ekrin 365 as the next tool in your recovery arsenal. It’s well worth the investment in your self-care.

Kim Krapcha Run Tri Bike Magazine Contributor

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