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Bubbakoo’s Taco Trot 5k Run and Walk Race Report

Where: New Jersey
When: April 14, 2024
Race length: 5k
Quick Tips:
• Get in an early corral
• Bring your own water
Bubbakoo's Taco Trot 5k Run and Walk Race Report Run Tri Bike
Bubbakoo's Taco Trot 5k Run and Walk Race Report Run Tri Bike
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Raises money for a good cause (Youth Survival Coalition), which ensures no young woman has to go through Breast Cancer alone. It is a cheerful, friendly, and fun event
• Free Tacos for runners, nice medal, and small friendly atmosphere, while there are awards for placement overall and by age category, this is not an event for "serious" time trials or hyper-competitive running.
• They tried to take into consideration the smallish size of the course and sent people out in waves.
What was less than ideal: No water stops, pathway was entirely too small for a race that allowed runners with strollers and walkers at the same time, forcing some onto the uneven grass to pass. Loops were marked, but not particularly well as the chalk on the ground began to fade as runners passed making it harder to see at some points.
What I didn't expect: Course was surprisingly hilly for such a short course, and while the gains and drops weren't significant overall (+25 to -25 feet), they were short and steep increases and decents.
Race organization: In general the organization was OK, thogh they did not have enough people for same day registration/check in, leading to confusion and lines both at check in as well as shirt pick up.
Fuel and aid stations: No water station at all.
Additional info: For a fun day, it is a nice event, and it raises money for a good cause, and they have tacos and a cool medal. But as far as a serious race day event... I would put this on par with other novelty events like a color run, foam run, or other event where you don't really care that much about time, even though you could get an award for doing so.
Overall grade: 3 stars