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A Journey of Self-Improvement Towards A Big Goal: Sho’s Pursuit Of The Championship

A Journey of Self-Improvement Sho Gray Run Tri Bike

As endurance sports athletes we train to improve our fitness which, hopefully, results in better results. While this is important to Sho Gray, this isn’t the only thing. Sho is focused on relentless self-improvement as he chases the US National Championship 24 Hour title. That is a big goal but one he is determined to secure and it involves more than just running. From his humble beginnings as a middle school soccer player with a drive for excellence to breaking records in ultrarunning, Sho’s journey of self-improvement is one of perseverance and growth

Discovering the Passion for Running

For Sho Gray, the path to becoming a professional runner wasn’t a premeditated plan but rather a natural progression fueled by his desire to be the best version of himself. Reflecting on his early years, Sho reflected on his time as a middle school soccer player, where his competitive nature and relentless drive led him to cross country running. “I wanted to be the best that I can be,” Sho recalls. On the soccer field he was one of many and he was looking for something he had more control of and could improve upon.

His competitive spirit soon led him to cross country running, where he discovered his aptitude for longer distances and strategic race tactics. Despite not initially excelling, Sho’s dedication to hard work and his ability to adapt his approach led to steady improvement. “I never became the best, but I became better and better,” he shares. By his senior year, Sho had transformed from a mid-pack runner to one of the top athletes in his school, setting the stage for his future in the sport.

From Marathons to Ultrarunning: A Natural Progression

Transitioning to college, Sho continued his running journey, joining the cross country team at Johnson Bible College. It was during this time that he ventured into the realm of marathons, driven by an insatiable thirst for new challenges. “I didn’t have any kind of smart device on me. I just had a normal stopwatch. I’m just like, run, go by feel, figure it out,” Sho recalls of his unorthodox approach to training.

His unconventional methods yielded impressive results, including a remarkable sub-3-hour marathon finish in hilly terrain. Yet, it wasn’t until a friend introduced him to the world of ultrarunning that Sho discovered his true passion. “I felt like I didn’t do good enough, and I needed to do better,” he recounts after his first 50-mile trail race. From that moment, Sho was hooked. This new found sport would test his limits and redefine his understanding of what was possible.


Embracing the Ultrarunning Lifestyle

As Sho continued in ultrarunning, he became addicted to a journey of self-improvement and the thrill of pushing his boundaries. “I started studying more about running and figuring out that I needed to improve certain things in order for me to get there,” he explains. With each race and training cycle, Sho honed his skills, learning from both successes and setbacks along the way.

One pivotal moment in Sho’s journey came when he broke the Tennessee record for a 100-mile road race. This marked a significant milestone in his ultrarunning career. “It was at that moment that I thought, this is something that I could kind of push and see myself doing full time,” he reflects. Despite the challenges of pursuing professional running in a sport with limited financial rewards, Sho remains committed to his craft. That commitment is driven by a desire to be the best version of himself.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Goals

Looking ahead to the future, Sho’s sights are set on the ultimate challenge: qualifying for the US national team and competing at the world championships. Before he takes on the 24 Hour National Championships he will have other events on his schedule. Sho is focused on building strength and endurance in preparation for the grueling 24-hour race that lies ahead.

Yet, Sho understands that the journey to achieving his goals won’t be without obstacles. From the threat of burnout to the risk of injury, he remains vigilant in his approach. His plan is to prioritize smart training and self-care to ensure he’s at his best come race day.

As Sho continues on his journey, he’s guided by a simple yet powerful mantra: “I’m pursuing the best version of me.” For this ultrarunner, winning races is important, but personal growth and satisfaction with his performance are what truly matter. As training gets started, one thing is certain: Sho Gray is a force to be reckoned with. His 20224 journey of self-improvement will end at the national championships. For today, this is just the beginning but it will not be the last we hear from him.


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