As a company, our foundation is built upon the extraordinary stories of the ordinary athlete. That’s people like us and people like you. We’ve gotten some great How it All Started stories (H.I.A.S) over the last few years, and have decided to run a contest highlighting some of the best stories we’ve received.

Rules for Voting

The rules for voters are as follows:

1) Rank your favorite stories from 1 to 5
2) Tag A Friend To Vote
3) Follow Run Tri Bike on IG
4) Comment On The Contest Post and Tell People You Voted (Pinned On Our IG Profile)
Top 5 How It All Started
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Prizes from Our Sponsors

1) $150 Race Entry from Run Your Wealth

2) Choice of Chaco Footwear Z Sandals

3) 1 Pair of Pit Viper Sunglasses

4) Run Tri Bike Trucker Hat

5) SWCHBAK Hat and Gaiter Box

6) Kahtoola Hoodie

7) blueseventy Swim Bag

2nd – 5th will win prizes as will two voters selected randomly. The prizes won will be from a different prize pool.

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