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Tri for Impact with Rocky Harris, USA Triathlon CEO

Tri for Impact with Rocky Harris, USA Triathlon CEO Tri Beginner's Luck Podcast Run Tri Bike Magazine

Episode 1: Tri For Impact with Rocky Harris, USA Triathlon CEO

In this episode of Tri Beginner’s Luck, Michanda chats with the CEO of  USA Triathlon, Rocky Harris. We learn about Rocky’s journey in sports from his passion for sport as an athlete and business person to his focus on ensuring sport has a positive impact on society.

From Rocky, we learn how a tragic infection forces him to make a decision about his health and his future in sport. How he chose to challenge himself and what was the start of Rocky’s love affair with triathlon, over a decade ago. Rocky has experienced health scares, and one that studies have shown affects many triathletes. It’s important to know your body to a fault and FIGHT for your HEALTH. His story can help us all!

It doesn’t stop there. We dig deeper to find out more about who Rocky is beyond being the CEO of USAT. Discussion revolving around what USAT is and its importance for the triathlon community. The conversation focuses on how members contribute and support the organization plus the role that USAT and its members play in the Olympics.

We have some juicy juice on an important update from USAT and what’s happening to the USAT one day fee. Then we just let loose with some rapid fire questions, you sure don’t want to miss. It is mmmm. mmmmm GOODT, yes with T on the end!

Finally, we practice what we preach at Tri Beginner’s Luck. We are Tri-Ing!!!!  Literally and Figuratively! You may hear some outdated information…but the content is still dope. I mean, we are beginners as well in the podcast space so be gentle with us!

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Michanda is a leader, creative strategist, visionary and an overcomer, who loves to see others shine. She seamlessly transfers diverse skills to desired outcomes in various professional arenas; where she is an entrepreneur, model, avid triathlete, endurance sports announcer, and podcast host.