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Tri Beginner’s Luck Podcast with Yvonne Spencer, CEO and Founder of Fast Chix

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In this episode of the Tri Beginner’s Luck Podcast, Michanda chats with Yvonne Spencer. Yvonne is the CEO and Found of Fast Chix. Yvonne is a wealth of knowledge and is changing the face of triathlon, one race at a time.

Episode 3: It Takes A Village To Raise A Triathlete with Yvonne Spencer, CEO and Founder of Fast Chix

Royalty is in the building for this episode.  Tri Royalty that is!

Now, have you ever put your foot in your mouth and gotten stuck in a situation you couldn’t get out of? Well, that’s what happened to Yvonne Spencer when she expressed an interest in triathlon. She was held accountable to get it done – and get it done she did!! She has become an amazing triathlete, leader, and community organizer.

Yvonne Spencer  has been doing triathlons long before they were popular.  She is a leader in the triathlon world, forging a national community of amazing women who tri as the CEO and Founder of Fast Chix.

If that’s not enough, Yvonne is active duty military where she serves as a Colonel.  She’s also a coach and influencer.  What can’t you do Yvonne?

Yvonne is the epitome  of a dedicated community leader.  She is helping to change the face of triathlon one fast chix at a time. Beyond being dedicated and helping to change the face of triathlon, Yvonne recognizes that community is a significant component of being a triathlete to increase longevity in and enjoyment of this sport.

With their recent 501(c)3 status, let’s help them continue to reach their goals.  Visit the Fast Chix website to find out more information and ways to give or email them with questions. Also connect with them on social media: @withlipgloss  and @fastchix1_ .


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