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Tri Beginners Luck Podcast – We Are Triathletes Follow-Up

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On the 12th episode of Tri Beginner’s Luck with host MichanaShines, Michanda catches up with Episode 5 participants on their races and what took place. The we are triathletes follow-up is an episode you don’t want to miss but be sure to listen to episode 5 first.

Episode 12: We Are Triathletes: Race Report With Tisa Holley, Matthew LaPointe and Saadiq Stewart

What you are about to hear in this episode is why we TRI.  Race day leaves us in suspense with the uncertainty, the excitement, and the promise of pushing our limits. We all have our race day story and in this episode, we hear the race day stories of 3 brand new triathletes.  We can all appreciate and learn from their first-time finish line!

Tisa Holley, Matthew LaPointe, and Saadiq Stewart have stopped by to share their heartfelt lessons  and funny stories from their first triathlon!  It’s a must listen and a great way to end your year with a smile. Listen to their triumphs and awesome first time mistakes!

With that said, thank you for listening to the  first season of Tri Beginner’s Luck!  It has been a pleasure and we hope you have enjoyed the interviews.  We would love to hear from you. Follow us and be sure to share this podcast with your friends and family!

Happy Holidays and we will see you in the new year!

MichandaShines and the Tri Beginner’s Luck Team

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Michanda is a leader, creative strategist, visionary and an overcomer, who loves to see others shine. She seamlessly transfers diverse skills to desired outcomes in various professional arenas; where she is an entrepreneur, model, avid triathlete, endurance sports announcer, and podcast host.