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SWCHBAK UPF 50 Multifunctional Headwear Product Review

SWCHBAK Headwear Product Review

Racing in hot weather can put you in a position to require all kinds of gear to manage the conditions better. Multifunctional headwear has many important uses during a hot weather season, such as storing ice, wicking sweat, and providing additional sun protection around your neck. The SWCHBAK UPF 50 multifunctional headwear is the new kid on the block, but it hits all my marks as an ultrarunner – and exceeds them. Here is my SWCHBAK UPF 50 Multifunctional Headwear Product Review to explain why.

As always, I’m going to break this review down into four categories: style, functionality, durability, and last words.

SWCHBAK Headwear Product Review


My personal favorite style among the UPF 50 series is the Summer Shark, but even making that decision was a difficult one. With so many different styles to choose from, you have one good problem. The most incredible thing about every design is it’s made with absolute intent. For example, the UPF 50 series sends a percentage of proceeds to Stage Free Melanoma. Styles are sewn by hand and designed under the watchful eyes of owner Michelle Johnson, who consults local artists to create every design. The hard work and attention to detail shows in every pattern.


As an ultra-endurance athlete, I put in many hours on my feet. Any product I use is instantly put through the wringer and truly gets tested for durability. I’ve used multifunctional headwear ranging from Buff products to generic Amazon products. While Buff comes somewhat close in terms of durability, no other product I’ve used has struck a perfect balance between durability and comfort like SWCHBAK.


As multifunctional headwear, SWCHBAK products can be worn around your neck and your head. As a headband, the product is fantastic due to its UPF and moisture-wicking properties, sitting firmly on top of your head. When used as neckwear, it holds ice very well and sits comfortably as mentioned above. Often, people in the sport love to wrap headwear around their hands. SWCHBAK headwear is a great fit on your hands due to its 100% polyester build and thickness proportions.


SWCHBAK’s products is that not only are they hand-made, they are done so in the USA. Buff products are made in Spain, making SWCHBAK the only company in the niche that makes their products domestically. While the price point may seem higher than other competitors, it’s not by much and the extra cost brings you a variety of pluses. The choices you have are endless, the products are made by hand, and comfort is not sacrificed for added durability. In fact, in the durability department, SWCHBAK definitely has a slight edge. Do you want multifunctional headwear that is stylish, locally-made, comfortable, and long-lasting this summer? Give SWCHBAK a shot.

SWCHBAK Headwear Product Review
SWCHBAK Headwear Product Review


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