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Sonoma Valley Runners: An Example of Inclusivity and Fun in Running

Sonoma Valley Runners Run Tri Bike Club Spotlight

When Danny Contreras decided to establish Sonoma Valley Runners in December 2023, he had a clear vision in mindβ€”to create a warm and welcoming space for runners of all backgrounds right in the heart of Sonoma. The club, which now boasts around 25 members, offers a range of activities from group runs to trail adventures, emphasizing inclusivity and camaraderie above all.

Danny Contreras, the founder of Sonoma Valley Runners, shares, “We’re not just a run club. We do track days now, group runs on Sundays, trail runs, and even destination runs. We’re creating a hub for all runners, welcoming everyone to join us.”

A Journey of Recovery and Community Building

Inspired by his personal journey of overcoming addiction, Danny sought to create a fellowship centered around running. “Running became my gateway for sobriety,” he mentions. “I wanted a community outside the typical AA fellowship, where like-minded individuals encourage each other through their love for running.”

Sonoma Valley Runners isn’t just about running; it’s about building connections and supporting each other’s journeys. Every run begins with setting intentions, fostering an environment of positivity and encouragement.


Growing Together, One Run at a Time

As Sonoma Valley Runners looks to the future, Danny envisions a club that continues to grow and give back to the community. Collaborations with local businesses, events like the Color Run Festival, and reviving canceled running events post-COVID are all part of the club’s expansion plans.

“Our goal is to make running accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” Danny remarks. “We have captains leading different pace groups during runs, ensuring that no runner is left behind. It’s all about inclusivity and fun.”

Embracing Diversity and Fun

What sets Sonoma Valley Runners apart is its diverse membership, ranging from seasoned runners to newcomers and even a 73-year-old enthusiast who never misses a Sunday run. The club’s commitment to inclusivity shines through in every stride, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds to come together and enjoy the sport of running.

As Sonoma Valley Runners continues to make strides in the running community, its message of inclusivity, diversity, and fun resonates. They are showing that running is not just a solo journey but a shared experience that brings people together.


Sonoma Valley Runners Run Tri Bike Club Spotlight
President: Danny Contreras