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Lily Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike Magazine


Labrador Retriever / 18 Months
Favorite Post-Run Treat: A pup cup from our fave local coffee shop

Lily was not originally meant to be my dog…in fact, I wasn’t even that much of a dog person. But,as they do, she wormed her crazy self into my heart. Her favorite place to be is in the woods, running alongside me. She can be SOUND asleep, but if she hears the “R” word she will be up & jumping, ready to go. It’s so hard to choose a favorite adventure, anytime we are on the trails together, it’s just always a great time. She’s just always so happy to just BE there, with me.

Her companionship & constant joyful spirit got me through 2021 & I look forward to so many miles of running with her.