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Legal Runaround Race Report

Where: New Jersey
When: May 23, 2024
Race length: 5k
Quick Tips:
• Bring your own water
The Legal Runaround Race Report New Jersey Run Tri Bike
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The best thing(s) about the race:
• Small, friendly race
• Catered food after the race
What was less than ideal: Very odd, twistly route through city streets with less than attentive race "helpers" at each turn.
What I didn't expect: Streets were not closed. Shotgut start.
Race organization: They had issues with registration, but they switched to runsignup so hopefully, that will not be a problem in the future, otherwise the organization of the race was pretty well done.
Fuel and aid stations: 1 water stop with limited volunteers giving out half of tiny cups with water. Suggest you bring your own water.
Additional info: Probably a good idea to get an idea of the course before running. Lots of turns through a tree-lined neighborhood makes for a less than stellar experience for those that are not familiar with the course. And half of the helpers that were there to guide runners were not very interested in actually helping people and you wind up relying on the signs which you can't really see until you are up on them. There are far worse events, but this one seems to be slowly dying. If you happen to be in the area, it is OK, but I sure wouldn't go out of my way for this one.
Overall grade: 3 stars