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Ironman California Adventure: Belinda Agamaite Is Enjoying The Journey

Ironman California Adventure: Belinda Agamaite Is Enjoying The Journey Run Tri Bike

In multisport, few challenges are as formidable or rewarding as the Ironman triathlon. For Belinda Agamaite, the Ironman California adventure has been a testament to resilience, determination, and an unyielding commitment to personal growth. In this inaugural article of our “Enjoying the Journey” series, we take a peak into Belinda’s inspiring experiences, her unique approach to training, and the mindset that propels her forward despite the obstacles she encounters.

The Allure of Ironman California

“Why Ironman California? And why an Ironman at all?” I asked Belinda, curious about what drives her to tackle such an arduous event. Belinda’s journey into triathlons began back in 2007 with Team in Training. After completing a marathon, she found herself asking, “What’s next?” When she learned about the Ironman, she didn’t hesitate. “I just say yes and figure it out later,” she explained with a laugh. Her first attempt was the Vineman Triathlon in Healdsburg and the Russian River, a challenging course that tested her in unexpected ways, particularly in swimming.

“I found out I’m not a great swimmer,” Belinda admitted. Her initial struggles with the swim portion almost led her to a duathlon instead. But her determination to complete an Ironman pushed her to improve. “I just swam my little heart out,” she said, recounting how she trained independently to meet the necessary swim markers. There was skepticism from some but others showed her support and encouraged her to keep working. That support and her dedication proved fruitful. Belinda succeeded, finishing her first Ironman with less than an hour under the cutoff time.

Overcoming Setbacks with Humor and Determination

Belinda’s journey hasn’t been without its setbacks. In her first attempt at Ironman California, she faced extreme wind conditions that made the bike portion particularly challenging. “I’m not a very large person, and I was being blown around pretty well,” she recalled. Despite her efforts, she did not finish (DNF) that race. Her second attempt was marred by a bike crash just a month before the event, leading to a partial fracture and concussion. “I asked the emergency tech if I could still do my race,” she said, emphasizing her relentless drive. Realistically, she knew she couldn’t compete that year, but her spirit remained unbroken.

Belinda’s resilience is matched by her lighthearted approach to training and racing. She humorously recounts moments like being the last swimmer out of the water or being lapped in the pool by swimmers with far fewer resources. “Life’s hard, and if you’re going to be butt hurt about everything, you’ll never get anywhere,” she said with a chuckle.

Training Solo and the Importance of Enjoyment

One of the most remarkable aspects of Belinda’s journey is her decision to train without a coach. “I politely declined when Adam offered to coach me,” she said. Instead, Belinda relies on her intrinsic motivation and past experiences to guide her training. This self-driven approach aligns perfectly with her philosophy of enjoying the process rather than succumbing to pressure.

“My goal is just to train every day, keep moving, whatever that looks like,” Belinda shared. Whether it’s boot camp, swimming, biking, or running, she focuses on consistent physical activity to build her endurance. This year, her training started later due to work commitments, but she remains undeterred. “I have muscle memory from three years of training. This is the longest I’ve ever trained for one event.”

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Balancing Seriousness with Humor

Belinda’s perspective on endurance sports is refreshingly balanced. While she is serious about her training and goals, she maintains a sense of humor that keeps her grounded. “I’m sure I could be so much better,” she said modestly, acknowledging that she doesn’t track metrics like heart rate or sweat composition. Yet, she thrives on the freedom to figure things out for herself, drawing on years of experience in various endurance sports.

Her interactions with friends and family reflect this balance as well. She navigates the pressures of social commitments with an understanding that true friends will support her goals. “If they don’t understand, then they’re not your friends,” she told her eldest godson, who was facing similar challenges.

Looking Ahead to Ironman California

With her Ironman California adventure approaching, Belinda’s primary goal is to enjoy the race and finish strong. “I want to train well enough to actually enjoy the race,” she said, emphasizing the importance of preparation without losing sight of the joy in the journey. Her focus is on overcoming the potential challenges of the cold swim and propensity for nausea. That focus will ensure she’s mentally tough for the full course.

Despite the obstacles she foresees, including a three-week trip to the East Coast in August, Belinda remains optimistic. She plans to adapt her training around her travels, finding local pools and running routes wherever she goes. “You just keep moving, that’s all,” she said, encapsulating her straightforward yet profound approach to endurance sports.

The Mental and Physical Journey

Belinda’s story is one of unwavering determination and the joy of the journey. Her persistence, even in the face of setbacks, and her ability to balance seriousness with humor, make her an inspiring figure in the world of endurance sports. As she prepares for Ironman California, Belinda embodies the essence of our “Enjoying the Journey” series: embracing the long road to a goal, navigating obstacles with patience, and finding meaning in every step of the way.

Belinda Agamaite’s Ironman California adventure is a powerful reminder that the path to our goals is as important as the goals themselves. Her story encourages us all to appreciate the process, maintain a sense of humor, and keep moving forward, no matter the challenges.


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