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Fast Chix Triathlon Club

Fast Chix Triathlon Club Yvonne Spencer Run Tri Bike Magazine

A mindset, not a pace. If you’re new to the sport of triathlon, or nervous about trying it, those are some pretty welcoming words. They’re the guiding principle, in fact, of Fast Chix Triathlon Club, a 5013C founded by 49-year-old triathlete Yvonne Spencer.

“We are a group of women—mostly minority but of all demographics—spread out all over the country,” Spencer says. “We strive to remove barriers by exposing people to multi-sport. It’s about empowering each other and changing the face of the race.”

Fast Chix is an on-line community of over 1,100 women inspiring each other to be better version of themselves. They participate, support and volunteer in their community’s health and fitness activities. They also partner with race directors, coaches and retailers to bring recognition to the value of women in sports.

Fast Chix extends beyond just cheering and support, however. The organization also counts among its ranks triathlon coaches, sports nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, “anything you’d need to learn triathlon,” says Spencer. “We also have a good number of experienced women who serve as mentors.”

Fast Chix is a mindset–not a pace.

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President: Yvonne Spencer