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bluerub Swim Set Product Review

bluerub swim set product review Danielle Moore Run Tri Bike Magazine

As a lifelong swimmer with long, thick, curly hair and skin prone to dryness, I am always on the hunt for the best products to recover moisture after my swim workouts. When I was introduced to bluerub through IRaceLikeAGirl, I loved that they had sets of products based upon different sports and had actually been anticipating a swim set for a couple of months now, so I was thrilled to get to review them! In this bluerub swim set product review I’ll discuss the products, provide a review for after ocean and lake uses plus my conclusion.

The Products

bluerub prides themselves on containing all-natural ingredients, and is vegan and cruelty-free. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products for athletes across multiple disciplines and a variety of needs. Prior to testing the swim set, my go-to bluerub products were their chafe stick and muscle recovery cream. The company is based in Colorado and has been expanding their line throughout 2021.

The Swim Set includes three products: WASH, an activated charcoal-based body and hair product to help remove chlorine, salt, and sweat. The other active ingredients are fruit acids, Rooibos, green tea, and Aloe. NOURISH uses the same active ingredients, but is a bit more conditioning than WASH. The final product, DEEP, can be used as a deep conditioner or hair mask with organic banana juice and organic aloe as the ingredients to revive dry, damaged hair. Each product comes in a 3.4 oz travel size so that it can easily go in any bag for workouts and travel (just be careful with the 3 oz limit on planes!), and the set itself retails for $32.

bluerub Swim Set Product Review

In order to have the most widely useful review of these products, I crowdsourced from some triathlon groups what they look for and prefer in post-swim hair and skin products. The main concerns were dry, flaking skin and removing the chlorine or salt and smell from hair. To respond to these concerns, I tested out the swim set twice- once after an ocean swim, and once after a lake swim. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to a pool, but after testing these products twice I feel confident that users will get the same results after a pool or open water swim!

Ocean Swim

Since I don’t currently have a pool membership, I was super amped to go swim in the ocean! Unfortunately, the water was in the 50s and even with a wetsuit, my body wasn’t yet prepared for those kinds of temperatures. However, my hair did get wet so my duty as product reviewer had officially begun!

During and after my swim, I noticed my skin felt especially dry, so that was my main concern as I headed to the shower to use the bluerub set. I started with WASH- it’s a black cleanser that lathered nicely and felt great on my skin. After using it on my skin and hair, both felt clean but my hair was still a bit dry. I followed up with NOURISH on my hair- NOURISH is also charcoal-activated, but was grey instead of black (this is a good way to tell the difference if you put them in different bottles for travel). I won’t lie, I was the most excited to use DEEP- my favorite hair mask is actually banana-based, so I knew going in the ingredient works well for me. At first, I was a bit disappointed to find the formula somewhat thin for a hair mask; when I opened the container, it spilled on me a bit but I was able to recover most of it. However, when I put it on my hair it felt amazing! I could tell there was a lot of moisturizing going on and this was confirmed when my hair dried fully- I was surprised how soft my hair felt and my skin was in great shape, too!

Lake Swim

I decided to take Memorial Day to visit my favorite lake, and did a little bit of swimming. This time, my hair felt more dry than my skin- I left the lake with different challenges than the ocean.

I started with WASH on my body, just like the time before, and am happy to report it worked just as well. I forgot initially to put WASH in my hair, so I put in NOURISH first and ended up leaving both in for a couple minutes at the same time. I felt this had a nice effect to get the lake out of my hair while providing some moisture. I finished up with DEEP, which immediately made my hair feel better. 


I’m a big fan of this set! I think the products work well together to help the skin and hair have the remnants of a swim removed without completely stripping them of every oil and bit of moisture. I found that a quarter-sized squeeze of WASH worked for each leg and then another one or two squeezes of the same amount worked for the rest of my body, with one last squeeze for my hair. I used a quarter-sized amount of NOURISH for my hair, but most people could get away with less since I have a lot of hair! I used the most DEEP so my hair could really lock in moisture, probably twice as much as NOURISH. My favorite product is DEEP, since it’s so moisturizing- my only complaint right now is that I’m hoping with time, bluerub will add a larger size of these products since I see myself using up the 3.4 oz bottles very quickly. With how long and thick my hair is, I don’t expect my container of DEEP to last much longer, but I’ll be buying a replacement*! Overall, I would recommend these products and think they will be useful for a wide variety of folks and hair types, but for those with longer and/or thicker hair, there may be an issue with quantity and needing to have a backup bottle at the ready. I hope that this bluerub swim set product review was useful for you.

*The swim set was sent to me for review, but I would purchase it with my own money when I run out.

Danielle Moore Run Tri Bike Magazine Contributor

Danielle Moore is a swimmer and triathlete living outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her athletic journey picked up at 10 years old when she started swimming in the summers, and ended up as a butterflyer for both her high school and college teams. She ran track in middle and high school as well, but swimming is her true passion in sports. Danielle has also been teaching swim lessons since 2010 and received her US Masters Swimming Level 1 Coach certification in March 2022. She raced her first sprint triathlon in 2019 and has been hooked ever since- she will be racing her first half Ironman in September 2022.