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Best Clothing for Yoga

Best Clothing For Yoga Namastride Dana DeSutter Run Tri Bike Magazine

Yoga pants have taken the world by spandex, but if you haven’t taken part in this fashion trend, you can still do yoga without worry that you don’t have the proper clothing for yoga (although yoga pants are pretty comfy in my opinion). When starting your yoga practice, the best clothing for yoga in my opinion is:

Best Clothing For Yoga

Something Stretchy On The Bottom

This can be the aforementioned yoga pants, leggings, joggers, sweatpants or shorts. During a yoga class you will be moving, and these types of clothing allow you to move around without feeling constricted.  

One note of caution: As a runner I own tons of running shorts, but short running shorts can be a bit awkward, especially if you are having your tushy in the air quite a bit – so think about what you will be doing before throwing on your favorite running outfit to do yoga. 

It Depends On The Class For What To Wear On Top

Some classes are more relaxing, and having a long-sleeve or sweatshirt handy is important. I made the mistake of going to a relaxing class dressed in a tank and yoga pants, and I was very cold by the end of class. Not so relaxing.

If you are going to a flow type class, or a class that will make you sweat, having a tank top or t-shirt is important. For me, if I am moving a lot I want something form fitting, because loose shirts can ride up, and I do not get the “zen factor” I aspire to when I am constantly pulling on my shirt. You can also make sure the pants you wear allow you to tuck in a shirt so that it doesn’t get in the way!

Putting Your Bare Foot Forward

Most classes are done barefoot – so no need to worry about socks, just the pedicure! But, sometimes you may have a studio a teacher that will request socks, so keep that in mind too.

Yoga Really Isn’t Too Hairy

The hair is important too! If your hair is long, I suggest ditching the ponytail for braids – if you’re lying down, the ponytail can be uncomfortable. 

If you have bangs or fringe, you might want to bring a headband or wrap to keep your hair out of your face. It can be very distracting having hair hit you as you’re moving around, and again will inhibit the “zen.”

No Need For A Shopping Spree

If you want a new outfit, go for it! But, if you aren’t sure how often you will be doing yoga, use what you already own. 

It’s that simple – there are no specific requirements for clothing for yoga classes. Be comfortable and get ready to move!


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Dana DeSutter Namastride Run Tri Bike Magazine

Dana is first and foremost a runner, having run 3 marathons and many half marathons. This love for running coupled with a few injuries led her to practice yoga. When she realized how much yoga improved her paces and diminished her aches and pains while running, she pursued her 200-hour yoga teaching certification, and she is now a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. As a person with a day job, she focuses on helping the everyday runner feel good and enjoy running.