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Adrenaline Night Runs – 25K by Jason Bahamundi

Where: Arizona
When: May 21, 2022
Race length: Marathon
Quick Tips:
• Bring a buff and clear glasses for the dust that gets kicked up in the final 2 miles
• Almost all of the climbing is at the start of Loop 2. Be mentally prepared for that.
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The best thing(s) about the race:
• The start at dusk that allowed you to see the sun set over the mountains.
• Racing. 25k is not a distance I race often but getting into Zone 4 and holding on until the finish was awesome.
• Having the various distances converge to finish allowed for company on the trail and seeing headlamps everywhere.
What was less than ideal: Nothing. The event is well run.
What I didn't expect: The dust that was kicked up in the final two miles. I recommend brining a buff for your mouth/nose and clear glasses.
Race organization: Very well run. Packet pick-up day of race was smooth and the notes from the race MC just before the start kept things clear to the finish line with music and Freak Brothers Pizza (see pic!)
Fuel and aid stations: With short loops the aid stations didn't need to be overly stocked but they still had the necessary items for a trail race.
Additional info: Starting a race at night was something different but lots of fun and would recommend people register if just to change your race experiences.
Overall grade: 5 stars