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Washington Park Trail Trek

When: November 4, 2023
Where: Springfield, IL

Embrace the Journey Through Time: Washington Park Trails!

Dive into the heart of Washington Park and journey through trails that have been a silent witness to history. We've intricately woven a 5K route that steers you away from the hustle of the roads, immersing you instead in the tranquil paths, trails, and serene grounds of this iconic park. Whether you choose to embrace the rhythm of your heartbeats with a run or savor each step with a calming walk, our trail invites you on a memorable quest. With every twist and turn, you'll be guided by cones, directional arrows, and safety tape ensuring a seamless experience.

But this isnโ€™t just about the trail. Itโ€™s about preserving a piece of our shared heritage. Every stride you take, every breath of fresh air, contributes to the restoration and upkeep of the Leland Farm Summer Kitchen – a historical gem that recently found its new home in our park. This is not just a run; it's a leap back in time. And as a symbolic gesture, the trail commences and concludes by this significant landmark, emphasizing its central role in our story.

As a tribute to your commitment to history and health, each participant will be gifted a special commemorative t-shirt. And because every journey has its champions, we'll be honoring top finishers both overall and in decennial age categories with unique awards.

Join us in making history, one step at a time!