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Veterans Appreciation Run

When: November 16, 2024
Where: Saint Louis, MO
Race type(s): 5k

This one is for the dogs! That’s right, this year we are going to be running the course with our furry friends. Bring out your pups and help us honor the four legged fighters who have served the country, the military working dogs. While the military working dogs have served in combat with our troops in every major conflict since the founding of our nation, it wasn’t until WWII that they were officially recognized. Before their official implementation into the military in 1942, these dogs were primarily used as message carriers and sentries, but now they perform a large array of specialized tasks such as sniffing out bombs and drugs, tracking people, and even attacking when needed. Today, there are about 2,500 active military working dogs, with about 700 of them serving overseas. Not all working dogs work in a security capacity, many support the troops in other ways too, such as service dogs, therapy dogs, and as mascots. Click here to check out more information about these awesome animals.

Lace up not only your own running shoes, but your dogs too and be a part of this inspiring event that honors our veterans. As you navigate the scenic course, you’ll traverse tree-lined paths and tranquil stretches, all while surrounded by the rich history of Jefferson Barracks Park. This park, which has stood witness to countless stories of courage and sacrifice, provides a fitting environment to commemorate those who have served and continue to serve.

The Veterans Appreciation Run is more than just a standard 5k; it’s a demonstration of unity and respect for our servicemen and women. Runners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, are encouraged to participate, as this event is about coming together as a community to express our gratitude. So bring your family, friends, and fellow supporters to Jefferson Barracks Park on November 16. Show your appreciation, make memories, and be a part of an event that leaves a lasting impact.

*Dogs are not required for entry into this race.

Schedule of Events

Saturday – 11/16
7:00am – Packet pick-up begins
8:15am – Pre-race ceremony
8:20am – National Anthem
8:30am – Race begins
9:30am – Awards ceremony begins
*Recipients must be present to receive award. No awards will be mailed.