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UAH Tri-Hard Indoor Triathlon

When: February 21, 2021
Where: Huntsville, AL
Race type(s): Indoor sprint

Come join us for our 2nd annual UAH Tri-Hard; a unique indoor triathlon event at the University Fitness Center, located on the UAH campus! This event is the perfect race for a beginner triathlete to try a multi-sport event, and also great for a seasoned athlete to see how much they can do in the allotted time! Participants will swim for 10 minutes, bike for 30 minutes on a stationary bike, and run for 20 minutes on a treadmill (1.0 incline).

This event will be capped at 30 participants. Top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placement awards will be presented to the top male and female participants.
In the event of lightning, the pool would not be able to remain open and the event would be rescheduled.
Each participant will receive a shirt and other swag!

A few Q&A:
*Transitions: There will be an 8 minute transition from the swim to bike portion, allowing participants to completely dry off and change into dry clothes and adjust the bikes to what's most comfortable for them. There will be a 2 minute transition from the bike to the run portion, which should allow enough time to refill your water bottle, stretch, etc..
*The event will go with heats of 5 or 6, so each participant will be able to swim in their own lane without having to share.
*Due to the size of the event, we will have medals for the top overall finishers for males and females.
*There will be refreshments in your swag bag to help you refuel!
*COVID restrictions: There are water fountains near the main restrooms that will be available to use to fill up water bottles. This will be the only way to use the water fountains, so please make sure you bring a water bottle.
*COVID restrictions: To help keep the number of people in the building down, only participants and race attendants will be allowed inside the gym. We will ask that any friend or family members please wait outside and we will pass out medals and door prize outside (weather permitting) for those that wish to stay. You do not have to be present to accept your medal or win a door prize. We can arrange for you to pick it up later or it can be mailed to you, if you would like.
*COVID restrictions: Participants will be asked to arrive already marked with their heat and lane numbers. These usually go on the arm or leg. An email will be sent out before February 19th with that information.
*For the swim portion, please feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Equipment that will enhance your speed and mobility will not be allowed, such as swim fins, snorkles, etc. Wet suits and goggles are allowed.
*For the bike portion, our bikes are equipped for SPD clip shoes, if you would like to use those.