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Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon

When: August 8, 2021
Where: Katy, TX
Race type(s): Triathlon

Join us for the largest kids triathlon in the world and the most fun your child will have all year!

The 6th annual Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon will take place at Typhoon Texas Waterpark in Katy, Texas over TWO DAYS; Saturday April 17th and Sunday, April 18th. Both days will include a Short Course and Long Course triathlon event while the Splash & Dash will take place only on Saturday.

After the Saturday event the waterpark will open for private opening where only participants and their families/friends will allowed in the waterpark. All registered participants will receive free entry and access to all the waterpark attractions while family and friends can purchase additional tickets as an add-on to their registration.

After the Sunday event, the park will open to the public but all participants will still review a free entry and access while family and friends can either purchase additional tickets as add-ons or use their season passes to enjoy the waterpark.

The Short Course triathlon (ages 6-10*) will include a 125-meter swim, 2-mile bike, and 1-mile run. The Long Course triathlon (ages 11-17*) will include a 225-meter swim, 4-mile bike, and 2-mile run. The Splash & Dash will include a 125-meter swim and 1-mile run. For additional details about the course please visit the COURSE INFO page.

*USA Triathlon rules state that age is determined by the child's age as of December 31st of the race year.