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The Old School @ Lincoln Parish Park

When: April 2, 2022
Where: Ruston, LA
Race type(s): 30M, 20M, 10M, 5M

This is an "Old School" style mud, dirt, blood and tears trail run at Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, Louisiana. LPP is one of the best kept trail secrets in Louisiana. This race is 4 distances. We will have a 5 mile, a 10 mile, a 20 mile and a 30 mile distance. The 5 mile race is a 1/2 loop of a 10 mile course; the 10 mile is a whole loop, the 20 mile is two loops and the 30 mile is 3 loops. There will be an aid station at the start/finish area and there will be an aid station on the course at about mile 6. This race is produced by Get On A Trail Shreveport with help from our sponsors like Run Wild, several excellent Ruston based businesses and a Ruston based charity: Christian Community Action, There is a price increase on March 7, 2022. Also, shirts need to be ordered on that day. If you want to have your size guaranteed please register before March 7th. Thanks.