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The Glacier Challenge

When: July 11, 2021
Where: Whitefish, MT
Race type(s): 8M, 5K

For 2021 we are only offering the full Glacier Challenge. There will be no stand alone 5k. It’s time to get in gear and head out for Montana’s premier multi-sport relay race.

Participants of the Glacier Challenge enter as individuals, partners, and teams [up to 7 members] and race both competitively and recreationally. We love that this race can be both fun and serious competition. We also love that over the years, the Glacier Challenge has provided opportunities for first-time racers to compete, families to race, couples to partner together, businesses to form teams, and healthy competitions to form between like organizations. We’ve even had a newlywed husband and wife team race as the first adventure together in their married lives. All of these “coming togethers” have culminated in the unique combination of competition and fun that is The Glacier Challenge.

The Glacier Challenge features six legs of running, biking, canoeing and kayaking covering almost 50 miles of beautiful terrain in and around Whitefish, Montana. With the different events to choose from, you could do anything from one leg to all of them!