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Spring Watchung Race

When: June 6, 2021
Where: Mountainside, NJ
Race type(s): 50K, 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K

There are four options: 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or 50K.

ALL distances follow the same course – PINK Trail a 6+ mile loop also some of the White Sierra Trail because of washout(+/- a few ft.your gps may vary) also called the History Trail

Copy of course map and elevation profile on
10K will do 1 loop
Half Marathoners will do 2 loops
Marathoners will do 4 loops
50K runners will complete 5 Loops of the Pink Trail
Single-wide and double wide trail over rolling wooded terrain.

Everyone will get a Giveaway at registration. There are NO Medals for this race.

There will be aid at the start finish area and at Mile 4 in the loop. Those doing more than one loop can refill their own water bottles and take aid before going back out.